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The range consists of oils of the most popular viscosity and specifications. We sell various types of automotive oil t. y. engine oils, manual gearbox oils, automatic gearbox oils, power steering oils, gear oils and all can be checked online. We will deliver to your home or pick it up for free at any of our branches.


A lot of companies are engaged in the sale of lubricants, but not all of them sell really high-quality and original oil, you can buy car oil from us first-hand. We work directly with many manufacturers from abroad who meet the quality and compliance requirements of car manufacturers for automotive oil.


The most popular oils at the moment are fully synthetic and semi-synthetic. Synthetic oil is most commonly used in newer cars or well-preserved older ones - it has a frequent viscosity of 5W30 or 5W40 and an increasingly popular 0W30 viscosity grease. The first number before the letter "W (winter)" indicates the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures. The lower the number, the more fluid the oil when the engine is cold. This ensures easier engine starting and faster lubrication. The second number indicates the viscosity of the oil at engine operating temperature (approx. 100 ° C). Therefore, the lower, the more liquid the oil is at operating temperature. However, this only makes the engine easier to work with, but it wears out more. The semi-synthetic 10W40 oil is mainly for older, more tired cars with a large line. It is more viscous, thus reducing the likelihood of leakage through hardened engine gaskets and seals.


With us you will find grease from the most popular manufacturers - Castrol, Motul, ELF, Comline, original BMW, Opel, Volkswagen, Mercedes oil.


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